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Latest pre-production Masterpiece Models

Painted samples of the forthcoming 47XX 2-8-0, 49XX 'Hall' and 68XX 'Grange' have been received from the builder, together with the utterly superb Collett 8750 Pannier Tank in brass which is now undergoing assessment. The 57XX version with the earlier style of cab and detail differences is under construction.

A delightful model of the Collet 3,500 gallon tender has also been added to our catalogue and will be available for all appropriate locomotives, as well as being available separately. You can see it in the photographs of the 'Grange'.

There are still revisions and corrections to be made to these models, but we thought you would like to see the rapid progress on models that will be built in 2017.

The Class 52 'Western' diesel is also progressing rapidly and the builder is working on the pre-production model using the laser scans of D1015 Western Champion that were made last November.

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47XX 1

47XX 2-8-0

49XX 1

49XX 'Hall'

68XX 3500gal

68XX 'Grange'

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57XX/8750 Pannier Tank

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Class 52 'Western' Diesel Hydraulic