Exceptional museum quality model locomotives for modellers, enthusiasts and collectors

How to Buy

The process of buying a Masterpiece Model is simple and you will be offered the choice of paying by bank transfer or cheque. The prices and payment structure for each model are shown on the relevant model pages of this site. The full price quoted includes VAT at the current rate.

There are three stages:

1. Reservation Deposit: If you decide you would like to purchase a model, the first step is to visit the appropriate page on this website and complete the reservation form, selecting the number/name of your chosen locomotive and any other options. After you submit the form we will contact you to confirm the details of your order and request a reservation deposit. This will be £250 for most locomotives, or £150 for smaller tank locomotives. Reservation deposits are returnable if you are unable to proceed with your order, up to the point that the first stage payment is requested. As locomotives are reserved they will be removed from the listings on this site so that availability will always be clear.

Reservations made for any models listed on this site before the 2015 change of ownership of Masterpiece Models will be carried forward and added to the list of reserved locos.

2. First stage payment: When the first pre-production model has been produced and there have been opportunites to inspect it and note any required changes or modifications, you will be asked to formalise your order by making a first stage payment. The amount is listed on the relevant page for each model on this site, and will generally be around half the outstanding balance. After this point the reservation deposit is no longer returnable.

3. Final payment: The final payment will be the remainder of the outstanding balance, including any delivery costs. This payment will be requested at the point when the models have been inspected and test run at the builder, passed for sale and shipped to the UK. Models will only be released after payment has been received in full.

Delivery: Unless arranged otherwise, delivery will be made by a courier service and models will be insured while in transit. Delivery within the UK is free of charge. For delivery in the Euro zone and the rest of the world a flat fee of £60 will be charged.