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70XX 'Castles'

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The swan song of the magnificent 'Castle' class 4-6-0s was marked by the production of the 70XX series, built at Swindon between 1946 and 1950. The very fact that a design that first appeared in 1923 – with it's DNA going back to Churchward's 'Stars' of 1906 – should still have been in production in British Railways days is extraordinary, but even more remarkable is that the type was still turning in performaces that outshone much later designs.

These final 'Castles' embodied many refinements that had been introduced over the years, but it was following the introduction of revised draughting, double chimneys and four-row superheaters that they really attained their ultimate form. They truly were the 'Super Castles'.

To complement the earlier 50XX 'Castles' already produced by Masterpiece Models, we have now commissioned a strictly limited run of 108 models of 70XX 'Castles', covering the engines in GWR and BR guises where appicable, as well as single and double chimney variants. It must be stressed that this is a COMPLETELY NEW model and sets standards hitherto unseen on any RTR GWR 4-6-0.

All the models have now been made and many have already been purchased, so the pull-down lists on the reservation form have been revised to show clearly what is still available. As a result, some of the items that could be specified by buyers have been removed from the form as the models are now in their finished state. The lists are arranged by livery, and for each model show wehther it is single or double chimney, the shed code applied (for BR locos), whether it is 0 Gauge or Scaleseven, and which type of tender is supplied. The tenders have been allocated based on photographic evidence showing which type of tender was coupled to each locomotive at different periods and where possible the correctly-numbered tender is supplied. If you wish, you can purchase an additional tender at the same time so that you can run your model with either Collett or Hawksworth types as these tenders were frequently switched in real life.

If a model on the availability list interests you and you would like to know more about its specification (early or late steam pipes, type and position of mechanical lubricator, buffer type etc, please email or telephone and we will be happy to give you all the details.

70XX 'Castle' prices

Model Type   Base price Carriage charge Reservation deposit Second payment Final Payment Total Payment
70XX 'Castle'   £ £ £ £ £ £
Non EU Overseas Price excl VAT 2860 60 250 1540 1070 2920
EU Price inc VAT 3432 60 250 1540 1642 3492
UK Price inc VAT 3432 0 250 1540 1642 3432
70XX Castle reservation
Use this form to reserve the 70XX 'Castle' of your choice. Once you have submitted this form we will contact you to confirm your reservation and arrange payment. The availability lists are correct as of 13 March 2017.