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Class 52 'Western' diesel hydraulic

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We have gone to considerable lengths to make the Masterpiece Models Class 52 'Western' the most accurate model of this handsome diesel-hydraulic ever produced. We have worked from a 3D laser scan of a real locomotive to ensure that the complex shapes around the cab ends and body sides are reproduced with an extremely high degree of accuracy, as well as taking extensive measurements and tracings from D1010 at Washford. We have used a builder in South Korea for this project who has extensive experience of building models of diesel locomotives, with a reputation for fine louvre work in particular.

We are offering models of the entire class, covering the examples built at Swindon and Crewe and incorporating the key modifications made during the life of these charismatic locomotives.

A single large aerospace-quality coreless traction motor synchronised drive to all six axles is fitted for a powerful superlative performance. Working fans will each be powered by separate motors independently controlled through DCC allowing one end of the locomotive to be visually 'shut down' to simulate operation on a single Maybach – a not uncommon occurrence. Cabs have switchable illumination, while fully-detailed cab interiors with sliding side windows are complemented by opening cab doors. Engine room detail is visible through the metal grilles and the opening side windows which reveal the diesel engines, the cooling radiators, the steam heating boiler and the engine room walkways.

detail compo

One of the most distinctive features of the 'Westerns' were the exposed wheels on the C-C bogies and for the sake of accuracy these have been machined, back and front, to capture the precise profile. Magnificent Maybach sound will be standard on all the models, but for customers who wish to run their models on a DC layout, they can be wired for DC operation.

The locomotives are now virtually complete and the available models are listed by name/number/livery on a spreadsheet which you can view HERE. We have tried to offer the maximum customer choice in terms of livery for every individual engine name choice. We show the following liveries: Desert Sand, Green, Maroon with small yellow ends, Golden Ochre (D1015) and Blue full yellow ends.

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In the schedule you we have included the month/year operating dates for each engine in each livery offered. Themodels are all now painted so no further change of livery is possible – please phone or email for exact detailsof available engines and liveries .

We hve fitted headboard brackets to all engines except those originally built without these fittings. Based on customer feedback, we are not offering any of the experimental windscreen wiper options or the ventilation apertures that were cut in the ends of a very few locomotives, as these are generally considered to have marred the appearance of these fine engines.

0562We are offering only 30 engines in Scale 7 and the rest in O gauge. The selection of Scale 7 engines has been optimised to include multiple engine names to enable maximum customer gauge/name choice. We will make 10 extra Scale 7 wheelsets to allow for possible increased Scale 7 demand for those customers who want the more accurate version of our Western. If the locomotive you want is shown only in O gauge or S7 and you want it in the other gauge, it may be possible to switch over chassis to meet your requirements providing you reserve an engine during the production period.

Name and number plates are from the outstanding Severn Mill Nameplates range. Crew figures, scanned from life and produced using the latest colour 3D printing techniques from Modelu, are fitted in one end, and different illuminated headcodes are fitted at each end.

At Masterpiece Models we rate the 'Westerns' just as highly as the 'Castles' and 'Kings' that preceded them and this model embodies the same care and attention to detail that goes into all Masterpieces. In fact the complexity and detail of these models considerably exceeds that required on a steam locomotive model.

You can now request the 'Western' of your choice (providing it is in the schedules) using the form HERE for a deposit of £250. As the models are virtually complete we are now asking for the second stage payment (£1,430) which make a total of £1,680. Once we receive your reservation we will contact you to confirm the details of the model you want and provide payment information.


Class 52 'Western' Diesel Hydraulic prices

Model Type   Base price Carriage charge Reservation deposit Second payment Final payment Total payment
Class 52 'Western'   £ £ £ £ £ £
Overseas Price  ex-VAT 2800 60 250 1430 1180 2860
UK Price inc VAT 3360 0 250 1430 1680 3360