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GNR and LBSCR 'Atlantic' 4-4-2s

Masterpiece Models is considering taking over the production of a series of GNR/LNER and LBSCR/SR 'Atlantic' 4-4-2s. These popular and charismatic locomotives are the subject of a build originally commissioned by Kemilway, which is in danger of stalling due to a number of unforeseen factors. We think it would be a great pity if these models were not completed as we believe there are many North Eastern and Southern modellers who would like to have one.

This project is already at a reasonably advanced stage and if it is taken under the wing of Masterpiece Models we believe it will be possible to deliver the first batch of models in late summer 2020. The models would be completed by one of our expert builders in South Korea and a number of modifications and enhancements, as well as technical refinements will be made to bring them up to true Masterpiece Models standards.

H1 Atlantic 1

BUT, before we finally decide to take this on we need to gauge the likely uptake, not only to ensure that the project is viable, but also to how best to divide the build between the GNR and LBSCR engines, and how many to produce for each time period, condition and livery. So if you are interested, please complete and submit the ONLINE FORM HERE. There is no obligation at this stage – we simply want to measure the interest. If we go ahead with the project we will email you to ask if you would still like a Masterpiece 'Atlantic' and to confirm the exact details, number (and name if applicable) of the model you want.

The price of the models is expected to be in the region of £2,950 inc VAT (subject to any unexpected exchange rate fluctuations). This, and all future Masterpiece Models, will be fitted with DCC and sound, but the ‘Atlantics’ will have a concealed switch in the tender enabling them also to be operated on DC systems. There will be a choice of finescale 0 gauge or Scale 7.

The variants we hope to offer are as follows:


Ivatt Small Boiler C1: Liveries GNR lined apple green; LNER lined apple green

Ivatt Large Boiler C1 (later C2): Liveries GNR lined apple green; LNER lined apple green; BR lined black lettered BRITISH RAILWAYS


Marsh H1 Atlantic: Liveries Umber lettered LB&SCR with monograms on splashers; Umber lettered LBSC with coats of arms on splashers; SR olive green; BR lined black

Marsh/Billinton H2 Atlantic: Liveries Umber lettered LBSC with coats of arms on splashers; SR olive green; BR lined black

Bulleid Ex-H1 Atlantic No. 23039 Hartland Point modified as a testbed for the Leader class: Livery BR plain black

H1 Atlantic 2

The model you see on this page is a pre-production pilot for the LBSCR H1 Atlantic in umber livery. Many corrections, enhancements and refinements are expected to be incorporated in the finished models.

H1 tender

GNR 1433