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GNR and LBSCR 'Atlantic' 4-4-2s

WE WON'T BEAT ABOUT THE BUSH. We owe a huge apology to all our customers who placed orders or registered an expression of interest when we announced our build of LB&SCR and GNR 4-4-2 ‘Atlantics’. That was back in 2020, but then the builder with whom we had placed the project suffered a devastating fire at his factory. On top of that, the Covid pandemic made every aspect of our business more difficult and, with attention focussed on completing our ‘Western’ diesels, ‘Halls’ and ‘Modified Halls’, the ‘Atlantic’ project slipped down the list of priorities.


With the pressure in other areas easing, we are now reviving the project. We do, however, need to be realistic. Since the pandemic the market has changed fundamentally – you only have to visit any of the annual 0 gauge exhibitions to see the dramatic drop in attendance.

So, having reassessed the viability of the project, we are now planning a build of 85 models to include the LB&SCR H1 and H2 Atlantics, as well as the GNR small and large-boilered engines. We will start with the LB&SCR locomotives as they attracted the greatest interest when we first launched the project, with planned completion and delivery before the end of 2024. We will then build the GNR ‘Atlantics’. Liveries and detail differences will be available to cover all periods from pre-Grouping to BR days.

H1 Atlantic 1

The model illustrated here is a pre-production pilot for the LB&SCR H1 Atlantic in umber livery. This is a starting point that has provided valuable insights, but many corrections, enhancements and refinements will be incorporated in the finished models.

We have just concluded a new contract with our builder for a programme with a target completion date of December 2024. We already hold reservations for all the main types to be covered by the build – those reserved and those available are as follows:

LBSCR H1 Atlantics: 30 locomotives, 10 of which are reserved.
    LBSC Umber: 6 available
    Southern Olive Green: 12 available
    BR Black: 2 available

LBSCR H2 Atlantics: 30 locomotives, 8 of which are reserved.
    LBSC Umber: 6 available
    Southern Olive Green: 7 available
    BR Black: 9 available

GNR/LNER Small Boiler Atlantics: 15 locomotives, 8 of which are reserved

GNR/LNER Large Boiler Atlantics: 10 locomotives, 3 of which are reserved

Please note that the Marsh H1 and H2 'Atlantics' will not be offered in Malachite Green (Southern or early BR styles).

For the Marsh H1 and H2 locomotives, due to restricted slot availability, we are offering maximum flexibility to choose individual locomotives in each category shown above. This means that you will have maximum freedom to choose your desired engine as long as examples in your chosen livery are still available.

We are still hoping to make a limited number (maximum 5) of H1 32039 Hartland Point as modified by Bulleid to test the sleeve valve gear tyhat was to be used on the ill-fated Bulleid Leader class locomotives. Detailed technical information on this modified H1 locomotive is proving difficult to track down so we may have to work only from photographs as we did for some of the 28XX locomotives. If it proves possible to make 32039 in this configuration, we will increase production accordingly. We hope to be able to offer it in both Southern and BR plain black liveries.H1 Atlantic 2

Increases in build costs and shipping charges, added to the effects of currency fluctuations and inflation mean that prices for new orders are now as follows:

Atlantic prices 2024

For customers who have previously placed an order, we will honour the price quoted at the time of order.

If you want a particular locomotive, please make a reservation now as the tight timetable for producing these models means there will be very little scope for switching locomotive periods/configurations/liveries at a later stage.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email us with your preferences after which we will contact you to confirm your reservation.

H1 tender

GNR 1433