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BR 7P (Ex-LMS) 4-6-0s


We have now revised the production programme for the BR/LMS 7P 4-6-0s. This takes into account the increased costs of making ultra-high-quality model locomotives due to minimum wage regulations in Korea, adverse BREXIT trade agreements, devaluation of the £ and the impact of inflation. All of these factors have had a negative impact on demand, so we have adjusted the volume of locomotives we plan to make to 80 locomotives and in addition have added a programme of 30 Ivatt Duchesses representing the last two engines Sir William A Stanier FRS and City of Salford. In the tables listed below you can see what we plan to offer in terms of locomotive choice and place your reservations accordingly. We have decided to take a flexible approach which allows a greater freedom of customer choice, while at a certain time freezing the programme so that we do not have the problem of fitting or changing names/numbers at a later date.

So, unlike previous builds, you will for the moment be able to make a completely unrestricted choice of name and number from all those available. When production reaches the stage where we have to give the builder a painting specification, we will have to allocate names and numbers to the models which have not been reserved. After that point it will only be possible to choose from the available locomotives. In short, if you are keen on a particular engine, notify us of your reservation as soon as possible.

These engines will be designed and built to Scale 7 specifications. O Gauge models will be adapted from Scale 7 and be fitted with narrower chassis so that the models can negotiate sharper curves. The models will be fitted with our own helical high efficiency gearboxes, split axles and aerospace grade coreless motors. We shall also fit the new technology features that we introduced with the 68XX ‘Grange’ and 47XX tender locomotives.

To reserve your model, scroll down to the foot of the page for the reservation form.

As noted, the total build programme for the 7P 4-6-0s is expected to be 80 locomotives split among 4 types:

British Legion (10)
This engine was the Stanier rebuild of the unsuccessful ‘Fury’ ultra high pressure compound locomotive using a then-new LMS 2 boiler. It was named British Legion (6170/46170) and we expect to build 10 locomotives. At the time of writing (29/12/2023) 7 engines had already been reserved leaving 3 available. In the event of additional demand, we could increase production by several engines. We offer the engine in LMS lined maroon, LMS Black and BR lined green. This covers the period October 1935 until the locomotive was finally withdrawn at the end of 1962. Fitted with a Stanier two-window cab, ‘British Legion’ was an interesting engine with a design different from the other ‘Royal Scots’ and it was effectively the prototype for all the highly successful 7P programme. ‘British Legion’ ran all its life with a riveted Stanier 9 ton 4,000 gallon tender.

Rebuilt Jubilee (10)
The production programme has been set at 10 locomotives split equally between ‘Comet’ (5375/45735) and ‘Phoenix’ (5376/45736). We have tried to cover all the operating periods for these first production engines fitted with the LMS 2A boilers in 1942 until their withdrawal in 1964. These locomotives were an immediate success and paved the way for Patriot and Royal Scot conversions using the same 2A boiler. These engines retained their very attractive Stanier Jubilee earlier double-window cab and are offered in model form in LMS and BR lined black and BR lined green with either the Lion-over-Wheel or later Totem emblem. At the time of writing (29/12/2022) 7 slots were still available.

Rebuilt Patriot (10)
These engines are perhaps the forgotten heroes of the 7Ps. Overshadowed by the rebuilt ‘Royal Scots’, these engines were fully capable of equivalent performance and were more popular with the crews. The Rebuilt ‘Patriots’ were all fitted with the later style Stanier/Ivatt double-window cab with the fixed front window. They had a strange assortment of names – seaside towns, railway board directors and scientists – and were used to haul the heaviest expresses.

When I was a child, ‘E Tootal Broadhurst’ in the late 1950s took me from London Euston to Liverpool Lime Street on the ‘Red Rose’ express with 15 coaches. I still remember this magnificent engine even though it was in very dirty condition with the front side windows almost completely obscured with soot and grime.

We are offering these 'Patriots' in LMS/BR black and BR lined green liveries. The vast majority of engines ran with welded Stanier 9-ton 4000 gallon tenders. However, a few engines switched to riveted Stanier tenders and these are available on request unless the engines ran with this tender until the end of their operating lives, in which case it will be provided as the standard specification. Only 10 locomotives are planned to be built with just five still available at the time of writing (1 January 2023), but the customer will have the freedom to selct the name and number of their choosing until the point where the paint schedule is finalised with the builder. However, should demand require a few extra engines, these could be built.

Rebuilt Royal Scots (45)
Excluding ‘British Legion’, 70 locomotives were actually built and successfully operated in LMS/BR service. They are probably the most well known of the LMS/BR 7Ps as they were far more numerous than all the other types. These engines all retained the single side window Fowler cab. A number of engines were converted later in BR service, so we are offering those individual engines only in BR lined green. All the others will be available in LMS black or BR green.

46106 ‘Gordon Highlander’ will also be available in BR lined green with the BR Standard type smoke deflectors and we have already had reservations for this model. Most of the locomotives operated with riveted 9-ton 4000 gallon Stanier tenders, but if you require a welded tender this is also available on request. 

We only plan to make a reduced run of 45 models of which 23 are already reserved at the time of writing (29/12/2022). So, it important that if you want a particular engine you make a reservation as soon as possible otherwise you will be limited to what we have available out of our final production choice. This will be decided when the production programme becomes frozen. For a reservation now you need to fill in details of the particular engine of your choice. Please take a look at the attached schedules and select the locomotive that is of particular interest to you. Please then let us know your choice and any other special features such as final livery details, shed codes, AWS, speedometer, and most important, your gauge selection: O Gauge or Scale 7.

The builders are currently working on the pilot model that we hope to have before too long.

John Borkowski

British Legion 6170/46170
This engine is available in four livery configurations: 1. LMS red (lined maroon) single chimney; 2. LMS lined black double chimney; 3. BR lined green Lion over Wheel double chimney; 4. BR lined green later Totem double chimney:

6170/46170 BRITISH LEGION (10 engines)
Production No. Engine No. Livery Tender Emblem Chimney type Smoke Deflectors Status
1 6170 Lined Maroon L M S Single No Reserved
2 6170 Lined Maroon L M S Single No Reserved
3 6170 Lined Maroon L M S Single No Reserved
4 46170 Lined Black BRITISH RAILWAYS Double No Reserved
5 46170 BR Green Lion-over-Wheel Double Yes Reserved
6 46170 BR Green L M S Double Yes Reserved
7 46170 BR Green BRITISH RAILWAYS Double Yes Reserved
8 46170 BR Green Totem To choice Yes Reserved
9 6170/46170 To choice To choice To choice To choice Available
10 6170/46170 To choice To choice To choice To choice Available

Rebuilt Jubilee 5375/45375 Comet and 5376/45736 Phoenix
These engines are available in four livery configurations: 1. LMS lined black LMS; 2. BR lined black BRITISH RAILWAYS; 3. BR lined green Lion over Wheel; 4. BR lined green later Totem. All periods had the double chimney:

Rebuilt Jubilee 5375/45375 'Comet' and 5376/45376 'Phoenix' (10 engines)
Production No. Engine No. Engine Name Livery  Tender Emblem Smoke deflectors Tender Type Gauge Status
1 5735 Comet LMS Lined Black L M S  No Welded S7 or OFS Available
2 45735 Comet BR Lined Black BRITISH RAILWAYS  No Welded S7 or OFS Available
3 45735 Comet BR Lined Green Lion-over-Wheel Yes  Welded S7 or OFS Available
4 45735 Comet BR Lined Green Totem Yes  Welded S7 or OFS Available
5 45735 Comet BR Lined Green Totem Yes  Welded S7 or OFS Available
6 5736 Phoenix LMS Lined Black L M S No  Welded S7 or OFS Available
7 45736 Phoenix BR Lined Black BRITISH RAILWAYS No  Welded 9755 S7 or OFS Available
8 45736 Phoenix BR Lined Green Lion-over-Wheel Yes  Welded 9755 S7 or OFS Reserved
9 45736 Phoenix BR Lined Green Totem Yes  Riveted S7 Reserved
10 45736 Phoenix BR Lined Green Totem Yes  Riveted S7 or OFS Reserved

Rebuilt Patriots – customer to choose name and number.
Of the 10 models in our schedule of rebuilt 'Patriots', only five still remain available as of 1 January 2023, but the customer will have the freedom to select the name and number of their choosing until the point where the paint schedule is finalised with the builder. 

Thus the five remaining rebuit engines are available for customers to choose from these 18 names/numbers:

Engine No.
Engine Name Conversion date
45512 Bunsen 26/07/1945
45514 Holyhead 26/03/1947
45521 Rhyl 31/10/1946
45522 Prestatyn 07/02/1949
45523 Bangor 08/10/1948
45525 Colwyn Bay 20/08/1948
45526 Morecambe & Heysham 20/08/1948
45527 Southport 13/09/1948
45528 REME 27/08/1947
45529 Stephenson 05/07/1947
45530 Sir Frank Ree 19/10/1946
45531 Sir Frederick Harrison 13/12/1947
45532 Illustrious 03/07/1948
45534 E Tootal Broadhurst 31/12/1948
45535 Sir Herbert Walker KCB 25/09/1948
45536 Private V C Wood 12/11/1948
45540 Sir Robert Turnbull 18/10/1947
45545 Planet 05/11/1948















Four livery configurations are available for these engines: 1. LMS lined black with L M S; 2. BR lined black with BRITISH RAILWAYS; 3. BR lined green Lion over Wheel; 4. BR lined green later Totem. All periods had the double chimney. Smoke deflectors were fitted in BR green period. Please note that the choice of LMS livery may be constrained by the date of conversion of each engine.

Rebuilt Royal Scots 
45 models will be made of which 24 engines are already reserved and 21 engines are still available. Within those 21 all names are available, but please note that many engines were only rebuilt in the BR era.

Five liveries are available: 1. LMS lined maroon 6100 (in preservation only); 2. LMS lined black; 3. BR lined black BRITISH RAILWAYS; 4. BR lined green Lion-over-Wheel emblem; 5. BR lined green Totem emblem.

Again at this stage, all remaining engines can be spcified in 0 gauge finescale or Scale 7.

At this stage, until the production programme is finalised, we can offer any engine in any authentic livery, including 6100 in preserved LMS lined maroon. In the event that the programme for other locomotives is sold out, we can transfer unused Rebuilt Royal Scots to the other 7P 4-6-0 programmes (or vice-versa).

Although you can choose any Royal Scot name that you wish, we have listed just some of the inspirational names to assist you below:

Number Name
46107 Argyll & Sutherland Highlander
46115 Scots Guardsman
46118 Royal Welch Fusilier
46119 The Lancashire Fusilier
46125 3rd Carabinier
46129 The Scottish Horse
46133 The Green Howards
46134 The Cheshire Regiment
46136 The Border Regiment
46144 The Honourable Artillery Company
46145 The Duke of Wellington's Regiment (West Riding)
46148 The Manchester Regiment
46150 The Life Guardsman
46151 The Royal Horse Guardsman
46154 The Husar
46155 The Lancer
46158 The Loyal Regiment
46159 The Royal Air Force
46161 The King's Own
46162 The Queen's Westminster Rifleman
46166 The London Rifle Brigade
46168 The Girl Guide

Please note that the specification of all available engines can be changed to meet customer’s choice. LMS Black engines can also be chosen subject to checking conversion dates.

Use this form to reserve your model. Once we receive your reservation we will contact you to confirm your choices and then request a deposit if you decide to proceed:

LMS 7P 4-6-0 Reservation Form