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Hall and Modified Hall 4-6-0

49XX 1

Please note that the photographs on this page are of the pre-production 49XX 'Hall' model. Photographs of production engines will follow shortly.



Number Name Livery Chimney type Shed Code Tender type Gauge 0/
4949  Packwood Hall BR lined green or
GWR green
Grange copper cap  82B
St Phillip's Marsh
4,000 gallon
5947 Saint Benet's Hall 

BR lined black
Lion over wheel

Grange copper cap 84C
Hawksworth 4,000 gallon  OFS
59XX To choose  To choose To choose  To choose Collett 4,000 gallon  OFS
6920 Barningham Hall  BR lined green or
GWR green
Grange copper cap 81A
Old Oak Common 
Hawksworth 4,000 gallon OFS
6926 Holkham Hall  BR lined green or
GWR green
Grange copper cap  84E
Hawksworth 4,000 gallon S7 
6931 Aldborough Hall  BR lined green ID   83E
St Blazey
Hawksworth 4,000 gallon  OFS


Number Name Livery Chimney type Shed Code Tender type Gauge 0/
7902 Eaton Mascot Hall BR lined green ID 81A
Old Oak Common
Collett 4,000 gallon  OFS
7915  Mere Hall BR lined green ID 84E
Collett 4,000 gallon OFS 
7818  Rhose Wood Hall BR lined green Grange copper cap 84E
Hawksworth 4,000 gallon  OFS
7924 Thorneycroft Hall BR lined black ID 82D
Hawksworth 4,000 gallon S7

49XX 3The tender choice is between the most common Collett 4,000 gallon and Hawksworth 4,000 gallon tenders. Within the Collett Hall build one engine (Rood Ashton Hall) is also available with a Churchward 3,500 gallon tender as it has this type in preservation. The vast majority of the Hall class engines ran with either the Collett 4,000 gallon or Hawksworth 4,000 gallon tenders, so we have allocated these to the available production models in line with the livery configuration. However, we will have some spare tenders available if these are requested in place of or in addition to the allocated tenders. Several 49XX locomotives did run with Churchward or Collett 3,500 gallon tenders. Many Collett and Modified Halls also swapped from Collett to Hawksworth tenders and vice-versa, some doing this several times during their working lives. The engines fitted with the Hall tall chimneys look especially interesting with the smaller Churchward and Collett 3,500 gallon tenders.

Like the Granges, the Halls swapped boilers and smokeboxes on a regular basis. This meant that a given locomotive, especially the Collett Halls, could be seen at different times during its working life with a variety of chimney and oil pipe cover types. So for Collett Halls in the BR period: Hall, Grange and ID chimneys were all fitted especially in their later years. Modified Halls initially all had the Grange chimney and in later life most had ID chimneys fitted together with 3 row superheaters. In our selection of engines we have chosen chimneys and oil pipe covers as shown for the engines in photographs of the relevant period.

We are now at the stage of having to fix the production programme details so the engines will be built to the configurations outlined in the table below. We have split the production between GWR and BR configurations with the majority of models in later BR livery. Currently (at the end of 2018) we can still change liveries (even switching between GWR and BR to a limited extent), but chassis and body details may be more difficult to adjust other than a possible change of gauge from O Gauge to Scale 7 or vice-versa.

All locomotives will be fitted with DCC-sound decoders and are DC/DCC-sound switchable. The motor fitted will be the same Aerospace grade precision coreless motor as used in the 70XX Castles, 47XX, 68XX Grange, the 28XX/38XX and the Standard Class 5. This gives outstanding running performance when coupled with our totally enclosed ball-bearing helical gearbox. On the Halls we have fitted the standard version of the gearbox with the lower step down ratio suitable for a mixed traffic locomotive. We have also incorporated into the models the new technology changes pioneered in the 47XX and 68XX Grange models.

Hall and Modified Hall prices

Model Type   Base price Carriage charge Reservation deposit Second payment Final Payment Total Payment
Hall/ Modified Hall   £ £ £ £ £ £
Non EU Overseas Price excl VAT 2805 60 250 1485 1070 2865
EU Price inc VAT 3355 60 250 1485 1620 3415
UK Price inc VAT 3355 0 250 1485 1620 3355

49XX 2 

Number  Name Into traffic Withdrawn  Notes
4901  Adderley Hall Dec-28 Sep-60
4902  Aldenham Hall Dec-28 Sep-63
4903  Astley Hall Dec-28 Oct-64
4904  Binnegar Hall Dec-28 Dec-63
4905  Barton Hall Dec-28 Nov-63
4906  Bradfield Hall Jan-29 Sep-62
4907  Broughton Hall Jan-29 Aug-63  Oil burner 5/47 - 4/50
4908  Broome Hall Jan-29 Oct-63
4909  Blakesley Hall Jan-29 Sep-62
4910  Blaisdon Hall Jan-29 Dec-63
4911  Bowden Hall Feb-29 Jun-41  Destroyed in air raid
4912  Berrington Hall Feb-29 Aug-62
4913  Baglan Hall Feb-29 Sep-62
4914  Cranmore Hall Feb-29 Dec-63  
4915  Condover Hall Feb-29 Feb-63
4916  Crumlin Hall Feb-29 Aug-64
4917  Crosswood Hall Mar-29 Sep-62
4918  Dartington Hall Mar-29 Jun-63  
4919  Donnington Hall Mar-29 Oct-64
4920  Dumbleton Hall Mar-29 Dec-65
4921  Eaton Hall Apr-29 Sep-62
4922  Enville Hall Apr-29 Jul-63
4923  Evenley Hall Apr-29 May-64
4924  Eydon Hall May-29 Oct-63
4925  Eynsham Hall May-29 Aug-62
4926  Fairleigh Hall May-29 Sep-61
4927  Farnborough Hall May-29 Sep-63
4928  Gatacre Hall May-29 Dec-63
4929  Goytrey Hall May-29 Mar-65
4930  Hagley Hall May-29 Dec-63
4931  Hanbury Hall May-29 Jul-62
4932  Hatherton Hall Jun-29 Nov-64
4933  Himley Hall Jun-29 Aug-64
4934  Hindlip Hall Jun-29 Sep-62
4935  Ketley Hall Jun-29 Mar-63
4936  Kinlet Hall Jun-29 Jan-64
4937  Lanelay Hall Jun-29 Sep-62
4938  Liddington Hall Jun-29 Nov-62
4939  Littleton Hall Jul-29 Feb-63
4940  Ludford Hall Jul-29 Nov-59
4941  Llangedwyn Hall Jul-29 Oct-62
4942  Maindy Hall Jul-29 Dec-63
4943  Marrington Hall Jul-29 Dec-63
4944  Middleton Hall Jul-29 Sep-62
4945  Milligan Hall Aug-29 Nov-61
4946  Moseley Hall Aug-29 Jun-63
4947  Nanhoran Hall Aug-29 Sep-62
4948  Northwick Hall Aug-29 Sep-62  Oil burner 5/47 - 9/48
4949  Packwood Hall Aug-29 Sep-64
4950  Patshull Hall Aug-29 May-64
4951  Pendeford Hall Jul-29 Jun-64
4952  Peplow Hall Aug-29 Sep-62
4953  Pitchford Hall Aug-29 May-63
4954  Plaish Hall Aug-29 Nov-64
4955  Plaspower Hall Aug-29 Oct-63
4956  Plowden Hall Sep-29 Jul-63
4957  Postlip Hall Sep-29 Mar-62
4958  Priory Hall Sep-29 Sep-64
4959  Purley Hall Sep-29 Dec-64
4960  Pyle Hall Sep-29 Sep-62
4961  Pyrland Hall Nov-29 Nov-62
4962  Ragley Hall Nov-29 Oct-65
4963  Rignall Hall Nov-29 Jun-62
4964  Rodwell Hall Nov-29 Oct-63
4965  Rood Ashton Hall Nov-29 Mar-62
4966  Shakenhurst Hall Nov-29 Nov-63
4967  Shirenewton Hall Dec-29 Sep-62
4968  Shotton Hall Dec-29 Jul-62  Oil burner 5/47 - 3/49
4969  Shrugborough Hall Dec-29 Sep-62
4970  Sketty Hall Dec-29 Jul-63
4971  Stanway Hall Jan-30 Aug-62  Oil burner 5/47 - 4/49
4972  St. Brides Hall Jan-30 Feb-64  Renamed Saint Brides Hall 1/30
 Oil burner 5/47 - 10/48
4973  Sweeney Hall Jan-30 Jul-62
4974  Talgarth Hall Jan-30 Apr-62
4975  Umberslade Hall Jan-30 Sep-63
4976  Warfield Hall Jan-30 May-64
4977  Watcombe Hall Jan-30 May-62
4978  Westwood Hall Feb-30 Sep-64
4979  Wootton Hall Feb-30 Dec-63  
4980  Wrottesley Hall Feb-30 Jul-63
4981  Abberley Hall Dec-30 Oct-63
4982  Acton Hall Jan-31 May-62
4983  Albert Hall Jan-31 Dec-63
4984  Albrighton Hall Jan-31 Sep-62
4985  Allersley Hall Jan-31 Sep-64  Renamed Allesley Hall Mar 31
4986  Aston Hall Jan-31 May-62
4987  Brockley Hall Jan-31 Apr-62
4988  Bulwell Hall Jan-31 Feb-64
4989  Cherwell Hall Feb-31 Nov-64  
4990  Clifton Hall Feb-31 Apr-62
4991  Cobham Hall Feb-31 Dec-63
4992  Crosby Hall Feb-31 Apr-65  
4993  Dalton Hall Feb-31 Feb-65
4994  Downton Hall Feb-31 Mar-63
4995  Easton Hall Feb-31 Jun-62
4996  Eden Hall Mar-31 Sep-63
4997  Elton Hall Mar-31 Oct-61
4998  Eyton Hall Mar-31 Oct-63
4999  Gopsal Hall Mar-31 Sep-62
5900  Hinderton Hall Mar-31 Dec-63
5901  Hazel Hall May-31 Jun-64
5902  Howick Hall May-31 Nov-62
5903  Keele Hall May-31 Sep-63
5904  Kelham Hall May-31 Nov-63
5905  Knowsley Hall May-31 Jul-63
5906  Lawton Hall May-31 May-62
5907  Marble Hall May-31 Nov-61
5908  Moreton Hall Jun-31 Jul-63
5909  Newton Hall Jun-31 Jul-62
5910  Park Hall Jun-31 Sep-62
5911  Preston Hall Jun-31 Sep-62
5912  Queens Hall Jun-31 Dec-62  Renamed Queen's Hall May 35
5913  Rushton Hall Jun-31 May-62
5914  Ripon Hall Jul-31 Jan-64
5915  Trentham Hall Jul-31 Jan-60
5916  Trinity Hall Jul-31 Jul-62
5917  Westminster Hall Jul-31 Sep-62
5918  Walton Hall Jul-31 Sep-62
5919  Worsley Hall Jul-31 Aug-63
5920  Wycliffe Hall Aug-31 Jan-62
5921  Bingley Hall May-33 Jan-62
5922  Caxton Hall May-33 Jan-64
5923  Colston Hall May-33 Dec-63
5924  Dinton Hall May-33 Dec-63
5925  Eastcote Hall May-33 Oct-62
5926  Grotrian Hall Jun-33 Sep-62
5927  Guild Hall Jun-33 Oct-64
5928  Haddon Hall Jun-33 May-62
5929  Hanham Hall Jun-33 Oct-63
5930  Hannington Hall Jun-33 Sep-62
5931  Hatherley Hall Jun-33 Sep-62
5932  Haydon Hall Jun-33 Oct-65
5933  Kingsway Hall Jun-33 Aug-65
5934  Kneller Hall Jun-33 May-64
5935  Norton Hall Jul-33 May-62
5936  Oakley Hall Jul-33 Jan-65
5937  Stanford Hall Jul-33 Nov-63
5938  Stanley Hall Jul-33 May-63
5939  Tangley Hall Jul-33 Oct-64
5940  Whitbourne Hall Aug-33 Sep-62
5941  Campion Hall Feb-35 Jul-62
5942  Doldowlod Hall Feb-35 Dec-63
5943  Elmdon Hall Mar-35 Jun-63
5944  Ickenham Hall Mar-35 Apr-63
5945  Leckhamton Hall Mar-35 Apr-63
5946  Marwell Hall Mar-35 Jul-62
5947  Saint Benets Hall Mar-35 Jul-62  Renamed Saint Benet's Hall May 35
5948  Siddington Hall Mar-35 Aug-63
5949  Trematon Hall Apr-35 May-61
5950  Wardley Hall Apr-35 Nov-61
5951  Clyffe Hall Dec-35 Apr-64
5952  Cogan Hall Dec-35 Jun-64
5953  Dunley Hall Dec-35 Oct-62
5954  Faendre Hall Dec-35 Oct-63
5955  Garth Hall Dec-35 Apr-65  Oil burner 6/46 - 10/48
5956  Horsley Hall Dec-35 Mar-63
5957  Hutton Hall Dec-35 Jul-64
5958  Knolton Hall Jan-36 Mar-64
5959  Mawley Hall Jan-36 Sep-62
5960  Saint Edmund Hall Jan-36 Sep-62  
5961  Toynbee Hall Jun-36 Aug-65
5962  Wantage Hall Jul-36 Nov-64
5963  Wimpole Hall Jul-36 Jun-64
5964  Wolseley Hall Jul-36 Sep-62
5965  Woollas Hall Aug-36 Jul-62
5966  Ashford Hall Mar-37 Sep-62
5967  Bickmarsh Hall Mar-37 Jun-64
5968  Cory Hall Mar-37 Sep-62
5969  Honington Hall Apr-37 Aug-62
5970  Hengrave Hall Apr-37 Nov-63
5971  Merevale Hall Apr-37 Dec-65
5972  Olton Hall Apr-37 Dec-63
5973  Rolleston Hall May-37 Sep-62
5974  Wallsworth Hall Apr-37 Dec-64
5975  Winslow Hall May-37 Jul-64
5976  Ashwicke Hall Sep-38 Jul-64  Oil burner 4/47 - 11/48
5977  Beckford Hall Sep-38 Aug-63
5978  Bodinnick Hall Sep-38 Oct-63
5979  Cruckton Hall Sep-38 Nov-64
5980  Dingley Hall Sep-38 Sep-62
5981  Frensham Hall Oct-38 Sep-62
5982  Harrington Hall Oct-38 Sep-62
5983  Henley Hall Oct-38 Apr-65
5984  Linden Hall Oct-38 Jan-65
5985  Mostyn Hall Oct-38 Sep-63
5986  Arbury Hall Nov-39 Sep-63  Oil burner 5/47 - 2/50
5987  Brocket Hall Nov-39 Jan-64
5988  Bostock Hall Nov-39 Oct-65
5989  Cransley Hall Dec-39 Jul-62
5990  Dorford Hall Dec-39 Jan-65
5991  Gresham Hall Dec-39 Jul-64
5992  Horton Hall Dec-39 Aug-65
5993  Kirby Hall Dec-39 May-63
5994  Roydon Hall Dec-39 Mar-63
5995  Wick Hall Jan-40 Apr-63
5996  Mytton Hall Jun-40 Aug-62
5997  Sparkford Hall Jun-40 Jul-62
5998  Trevor Hall Jun-40 Mar-64
5999  Wollaton Hall Jun-40 Sep-62
6900  Abney Hall Jun-40 Oct-64
6901  Arley Hall Jul-40 Jun-64
6902  Butlers Hall Jul-40 May-61
6903  Belmont Hall Jul-40 Sep-65
6904  Charfield Hall Jul-40 Jan-65
6905  Claughton Hall Jul-40 Jun-64
6906  Chicheley Hall Nov-40 Apr-65
6907  Davenham Hall Nov-40 Feb-65
6908  Downham Hall Nov-40 Jul-65
6909  Frewin Hall Nov-40 Jun-64
6910  Gossington Hall Dec-40 Oct-65
6911  Holker Hall Jan-41 Apr-65
6912  Helmster Hall Jan-41 Feb-64
6913  Levens Hall Feb-41 Jun-64
6914  Langton Hall Feb-41 Apr-64
6915  Mursley Hall Feb-41 Feb-65
6916  Misterton Hall Jun-41 Aug-65
6917  Oldlands Hall Jun-41 Sep-65
6918  Sandon Hall Jun-41 Jun-65
6919  Tylney Hall Jun-41 Aug-63
6920  Barningham Hall Jul-41 Dec-63
6921  Borwick Hall Jul-41 Oct-65
6922  Burton Hall Jul-41 Apr-65
6923  Croxteth Hall Jul-41 Dec-65
6924  Grantley Hall Aug-41 Oct-65
6925  Hackness Hall Aug-41 Nov-64
6926  Holkham Hall Nov-41 May-65
6927  Lilford Hall Nov-41 Oct-65
6928  Underley Hall Nov-41 Jun-65
6929  Whorlton Hall Nov-41 Oct-63
6930  Aldersey Hall Nov-41 Oct-65
6931  Aldborough Hall Dec-41 Oct-65
6932  Burwarton Hall Dec-41 Dec-65
6933  Birtles Hall Dec-41 Nov-64
6934  Beachamwell Hall Dec-41 Oct-65
6935  Browsholme Hall Dec-41 Feb-65
6936  Breccles Hall Jul-42 Nov-64
6937  Conyngham Hall Jul-42 Dec-65
6938  Corndean Hall Jul-42 Mar-63
6939  Calveley Hall Jul-42 Oct-65
6940  Didlington Hall Aug-42 May-64
6941  Fillongley Hall Aug-42 Apr-64
6942  Eshton Hall Aug-42 Dec-64
6943  Farnley Hall Aug-42 Dec-63
6944  Fledborough Hall Sep-42 Nov-65
6945  Glasfryn Hall Sep-42 Sep-64
6946  Heatherden Hall Dec-42 Jun-64
6947  Helmingham Hall Dec-42 Nov-65
6948  Holbrooke Hall Dec-42 Dec-63
6949  Haberfield Hall Dec-42 May-61  Oil burner 5/47 - 4/49
6950  Kingsthorpe Hall Dec-42 Jun-64
6951  Impney Hall Feb-43 Dec-65
6952  Kimberley Hall Feb-43 Dec-65
6953  Leighton Hall Feb-43 Dec-65  Oil burner 4/47 - 9/48
6954  Lotherton Hall Mar-43 May-64
6955  Lydcott Hall Mar-43 Feb-65
6956  Mottram Hall Mar-43 Dec-65
6957  Norcliffe Hall Apr-43 Oct-65  Oil burner 4/47 - 3/50
6958  Oxburgh Hall Apr-43 Jun-65