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Masterpiece Models 2016 programme

For 2016 our programme for the year has been fixed for production of the following locomotive types either in O Gauge or Scale 7 (Scale 7 will be available at no extra cost):

Tank Engines:

• 45XX/4575 2-6-2 Tank Locomotives we will produce a programme of 120 models

Tender Engines:

• 28XX/38XX 2-8-0 tender locomotives both Churchward and Collett versions
• 47XX 2-8-0 tender locomotives
• 49XX Hall class 4-6-0 tender locomotives (original Halls only)
• 68XX Grange class 4-6-0 tender locomotives.

On the tender locomotives we will offer 4 tender types:

• Churchward 3500 gallon type
• Collett 3500 gallon intermediate type
• Collett 4000 gallon type
• Hawksworth 4000 gallon 8’ 6” wide type

On the tender locomotives we will produce a minimum of 40 locomotives of each type.


We are conscious that there is a time gap in our limited edition models until the A3 comes along which will not be before 2017. To make up for this wait we have decided to make a limited run of the 7000 series of late Castles in both GWR and BR configurations including double chimney variants where applicable. We will also offer a choice of the Collet 4000 gallon tender or the Hawksworth 8ft wide 4,000 gallon tender. We will make a maximum of 100 models, which will be individually named with a few additional options for the likely popular names such as 7007 Great Western and 7029 Clun Castle. We intend to offer customers extra tenders (at extra cost), for example if they want both the Collett and the Hawksworth tenders as these were frequently switched around at different times.

The objective will be to offer customers completed models ahead of the Masterpiece Models tender locomotive programme. These ‘Castles’ will have modified gearboxes and motor units different from the earlier 5000 series that was previously produced by Masterpiece Models. The options available under this run will be limited as the objective is to enable customers to obtain the models without long delays and the modifications that were carried out on these Castles were less radical than on some of the earlier series.

Scale 7
Following a number of requests from Scale 7 modellers we have decide to abolish the price premium on Scale 7 for future Masterpiece Models. Please note that this change does not apply to existing models such as the Rebuilt Bulleid Pacifics (West Country/ Battle of Britain and Merchant Navy locomotives).

We hope this change on future models will encourage customers who do not intend to run their Masterpiece Models locomotives on layouts to have an open mind and to consider more seriously the Scale 7 option. It also makes the models more attractive to traditional Scale 7 modellers who previously had to pay higher prices for their Masterpiece Models.

Initial Deposits
We have decided to increase the initial deposit on all future large locomotives to £250. This is in line charges made by our competitors. It will also help fund the higher level of research and development that we are putting in to produce increasingly more technically advanced models.

John Borkowski
06 December 2015