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Class 52 Western Diesel - Fitting Out at The Factory

We are all getting very excited here as we see the Western programme heading towards completion. It has been a long, long journey and we can’t wait to receive the locomotives when they are finished. Here are the latest pictures that we received earlier today of the chassis being tested on a rig and some final fitting out work on the bodies and cab interiors.

Class52 fitting nameplates

On the chassis you can see the huge Maxon aerospace grade coreless motor driving the two tower gear trains mounted on the end of each bogie from which the drive is taken to all six axles. The chassis is mounted on a rolling road and the motor is definitely drawing some electricity. Also the two loudspeakers are shown – one on each end – that provide individual sound for the for the first and second diesel engine start-ups.

Class52 motor testing

On the bodies you can see the revised windscreen wipers that look superb. These are now metallic finished as they are on the original real locomotives. The rubber surrounds on the head-code boxes are also now coloured black. D1000 Western Enterprise in the original desert sand livery really does stand out from the pack!

Class52 front ends

The problem with the Western is that it looks good in all colours. I am very sorry that we made so few engines in Golden Ochre – all now reserved.

We look forward to receiving all the engines before too long.

John Borkowski / 03 June 2021