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Update 18 May 2021

49XX/59XX/69XX Collett Halls and 6969/79XX Modified Halls
28XX/2884(38XX) 2-8-0 Freight Locomotives

2838XX assembly

We recently received this picture of the 28XX/2884(38XX) chassis under assembly at the factory in Incheon, South Korea. The factory owner’s brother Mr Kwon is shown in the photograph assembling the aerospace grade coreless electric motors that we use in larger locomotives on to our helical gearboxes. The locomotive wiring is attached to our patented magnetic couplings that link the locomotives to the decoders. The decoders are fitted in the tender tank spaces together with an additional loudspeaker. In the locomotive there is also a loudspeaker fitted behind the tubeplate at the back of the smokebox.

In the picture the magnetic switch is shown by the orange arrow, the helical fully enclosed gearbox by the red arrow and the aerospace grade coreless motor is indicated by the purple arrow.

Similar fitting work is also being carried out on the Collett Hall and the Hawksworth Modified Hall chassis.

John Borkowski
18 May 2021