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Western C-C Diesel Hydraulic Further Update


Our two Western sample models are now on their way back to Korea for some minor tweaks, including the fitment of better windscreen wipers, but pending their return we thought you might like to see a few more photos of them.


When you see these models for real – in their three-dimensional metal glory, there is a presence about them that can't be captured in even the best photographs. It's so sad that for the moment we are unable to show you these models 'in the flesh', either at an exhibition or trade show. Maybe social distancing will change later in the year to enable this to take place. Who knows?


We feel the builders really have captured the essence of the real locomotives in a remarkable way not seen on any other Western models in any scale.

We have updated the availability list HERE. We have now sold out of golden ochre engines, but we have a good choice of locomotives in all the other liveries.


All the maroon examples of the first engine, D1000 Western Enterprise, have been sold. We now have one blue full yellow ends version remaining, although models of this engine in desert sand livery are still available.


There is still a very good choice of maroon engines with small yellow warning panels and we also have a few other named engines available in the early maroon livery with yellow buffer beams instead of the yellow ends.

We hope you will enjoy the pictures as much as we have.

John Borkowski 24 February 2021

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