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Update 20 November 2020

Class 52 Western Diesel
The Western diesel hydraulics are now in the process of being painted and final assembly has started. We have been working on providing crew for the models. The crew are being sourced and made in the UK. The plan is to ship the crew to Korea next week. We have also been working on the headcodes. We hope to have the models into the UK in January.

Last month Bryan Robertson our sound engineer re-recorded the sound on the decoders to have the effect of two engine starting. This provides a fascinating sound of the second engine on start-up. This required a complete rewrite of the sound chip and replacement of the earlier decoders that I took out to Korea at the end of 2019.

Western painting

Halls and Modified Halls
The bodies are now being detailed by the builders incorporating the changes requested by Bob Meanley. When this work is finished they will go to the paintshop. The chassis have already been painted.

The changes requested by Bob Meanley have been sent to the builders to be incorporated into the build. The chassis frames have been painted. The production samples have been returned to Korea.

LBSCR/GNR Atlantics
We have been working on an upgrade programme for the Ivatt and Marsh Atlantics. The objective is to present the builders in the near future with a modified design specification representing a major improvement of the models.

Meanwhile we are requesting those of you who made expressions of interest to confirm the models that you want as soon as possible. There is limited availability of all models, especially the LNER/GNR locomotives. If reservations continue at the current rate there will very few if any engines left. This is not a build with many extra spare locomotives. As soon as the final build order is fixed there will be no flexibility to switch locomotive type nor increase production for extra models. So, if you want an Atlantic I strongly advise you to make a reservation as soon as possible.

John Borkowski/20 November 2020