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Easter at Masterpiece - The Resurrection

Class 52 Western Diesel-Hydraulic
Just occasionally in life, especially in this period of great depression with the worldwide COVID-19 virus pandemic casting its shadow on all our lives, a shaft of new light shines brightly illuminating our darkness. So we get a bit of the real Easter despite the lock-down here in the UK and also elsewhere.

Dream Art 1

We have just received some pictures of life in the new factory where the Western diesel is back in production. This a truly a resurrection from where we were in January with a burned out factory, great despair and worry on how would we continue with the programme. If you look carefully at the pictures one could eat off the floor the new factory is so clean!

Dream Art 2

So during this period of Eastertide we truly have a resurrection in our model locomotive production. If we make the progress we hope and expect we should be able to have the models ready before the end of the year. We are very grateful to our builder Mr Song for making all this effort into rebuilding his factory and business into such a success.

Hall/Modified Hall and 28XX/38XX
We also have some news from our other factory run by Mr Kwon. He is making steady progress in the build of the engines and the tenders as you can see from the picture below. We will also try to get these models finished by the end of the year.

Kwon 1

It is great to have sight of all these pictures showing that we are making real progress with these builds.

John Borkowski 15 April 2020