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Update 9 May 2019

70XX 'Castles'
We still have a good choice of BR engines especially single chimney versions and a few GWR locomotives. There are one or two double chimney engines also available mainly in O gauge finescale. We have some interesting names still available.

On the 45XX flat tank engines we have a few engines left as shown on the website. We are out of Type 2 locomotives and we have one Type 1 available in Scale 7. We have a good choice of Type 3 engines still available in GWR, but only one black BR version left. Our last 4507 in BR lined green has now been sold. On Type 4s we have one GWR and one BR green engine left. For Type 5s (sloping tank) most of the remaining engines are Scale 7. We have a LIMITED possibility of wheel swops O gauge for S7 and vice-versa, but this is not a simple task as it requires both Colin and I to carry out the changes.

Pannier 57XX and 8750
Colin and I continue to work on the Pannier programme preparing individual locomotives for customers. As Colin is Suffolk and has just moved house with lots of house jobs to do, it is taking a little longer than we expected to get all the engines ready. Also it is a long way from Reigate, so visit journeys need careful planning.

In terms of availability we are down to our last two LT panniers, but there is a good choice of GWR and BR 57XXs early cab engines still available. On 8750s (late cab engines) we are very short of BR top feed versions but still have plenty of GWR green and black engines available.

'Grange' and 47XX
We have sold out of lined black BR Granges but still have a few BR plain black engines. There is a good choice of BR Lined green and a few GWR plain green engines left.

On 47XX there are a number of GWR plain green and BR lined green engines with Collett 4000 gallon tenders still available. There are a few black engines also available for the BR period.

49XX and 6959 'Halls'
The build of these engines is well underway. There are a few engines both Collett and Hawksworth still available. If you want to choose your engine name number and livery (not shown on the website list) please contact us as soon as possible otherwise it will be too late. We will be requesting payments for these engines shortly.

This build is programmed for the same time as the 49XX/6969 programme and is well underway. Payments for these engines will also be requested shortly.

Class 52 'Western' Diesel Hydraulic
This model is now in full production with the final changes now being incorporated in the build.

We have two 50XX Castles (one BR and one GWR) and two GWR Kings available all in O gauge. We also have a brand new unused Britannia 70006 Robert Burns available in O gauge. Please contact us if you are interested in any of these models.

Export orders
Due to concerns on the way couriers treat our parcels we have had to take special steps to prepare the packaging of our models for shipment abroad. This has required a lot of individual work by me. We are now underway with the preparation of the additional packaging so we hope to get the models sent off over the next few weeks.

Reading Show
We will be at the Reading Show on Saturday 11 May, so do come along to our stand to have a chat and look at our models. We will have the Standard Class 5 preproduction prototype on the stand for you to see. I look forward to seeing you all there.

John Borkowski/09 May 2019.