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Update following visit to Korea

The visit to Incheon in South Korea was very busy with barely enough time to cover all the points that were intended.

68XX Grange 4-6-0 and 47XX 2-8-0
Inspection of the Granges and 47XX models took a long time as there were numerous detailed checks to be carried out on features of the models and also on the liveries. We also decided to take two extra black models of the both locomotive types. Overall we are very pleased with the build. The locomotives are being packed and shipment is planned for the first week of January subject to air-freight space becoming available. Pictures of the production models will be put on the website shortly.
The plan is to distribute a number of the models at the Bristol Show in late January.

Standard Class 5
The first brass prototype has been made minus some detail finishing around the cab. We also have not yet fitted the motor and gearbox. The sample will be on display at the Bristol Show. It will show the essential details of the Walshaert’s valve gear version of the BR5 – the Caprotti version will come later. We have decided to make the gearbox drive on the centre axle, which is good engineering practice and will result in better running performance. This permits the motor gearbox to be completely hidden and no ‘daylight’ is blocked out under the rear section of the boiler underside. The motor will be the same aerospace grade coreless motor as we used in the 70XX Castle, the Grange and the 47XX.

The preliminary sample model will allow you to have some perspective of what the final model will look like and will be checked over by our expert technical team led by Bob Meanley.

Class 52 Western Diesel
The painted sample was returned to the builders with working fans, sound and half the lighting completed. The builders are making the corrections to the front and roof ends and have started production of most of the component parts so that full production can commence when the modifications have been approved. The sample model was test run on the track and is very impressive in terms of performance and tractive effort.

57XX/8750 Pannier tank
Colin Dowling and I are working very hard to get the all the engines numbered as the majority of the requested numberplate were not available when the loco build was completed. As a result we were able to offer a late choice in numbers which many of you took up. In these cases it has meant quite a bit of of finishing working here the UK. This all takes time as Colin and I are more than 100 miles apart, but we expect to get a large number of engines ready in January in time for Bristol Show.
We are doing our best to complete this work and we are asking you to be patient. For those of you who are unable to go to the Bristol show we will organise drop-offs at regional points around the UK to get the models hand delivered. We will also try to combine these drop offs with Granges and 47XXs for those who have ordered them to make the process as efficient as possible.

Finally we would like to thank you all for your support of Masterpiece Models and we wish you all a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas season and a Prosperous New Year 2019.

John Borkowski
21 December 2018