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Class 52 'Western' prototype model

Fresh from the foundry, and still bearing all the scars of its creation, is the first pre-production model of our forthcoming Class 52 'Western' diesel hydraulic.

Showing every sign of being the best Masterpiece Model yet, this impressive leviathan is bristling with detail and replicates the exact and complex shapes of the original, having been developed from 3D laser scans of D1015 'Western Champion'. Like all pre-production models, there are things that need to be changed and refined and the model has already been appraised by our panel of experts. It will shortly be scrutinised by the Diesel Traction Group, owners of D1015.

At present the model is something of a hybrid; for example it is fitted with the extended lamp backets, added in later years to carry emergency Bardic lamps, but it lacks the air brake pipes which would have been present in the same period. All such anomalies will be resolved on the production models and each individual model will be correct in all respects for its chosen period.

Powered by a high-end Swiss coreless motor, drive is delivered to all six axles. The pre-production model exhibited stunning slow running capabilities, controllable down to 6min 50sec to cover a one yard length of track! At the other end of the scale it will haul prototypical loads with ease at the impressive speeds one would expect from a mighty 'Western'.

Development will continue through the spring, with production starting in the summer for delivery to the UK before the end of 2018.

Click HERE to visit the Class 52 'Western' reservation page.

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Remarkable bogie detail with correctly profiled wheels

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Detailed engine room visible through side windows. Engine room lighting will also be fitted.

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Louvre detail is hand-assembled from etches providing a quality and through-visibility that would be virtually impossible to achieve with a moulding.

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Cab interiors will be fully detailed, including the entrance lobby, cab and engine room doors, chequer plate flooring and sound-deadening wall material. There will be the option to have a hand-panted, 3D scanned crew fitted and cabs will be lit, controlled via DCC.

52 9

Sliding cab windows reveal interior detail.

52 10

Opening cab doors, complete with correct handles

52 12

Even the inside of the cab roof is detailed with sound-deadening material

52 14

Fuel filler detail on lower body side

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Maybach sound, interior lighting, marker lights, illuminated headcodes, working fans and all-wheel-drive will be standard on all the models, which will be switchable DC/DCC