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GNR and LBSCR 'Atlantic' 4-4-2s

As previously announced, Masterpiece Models has been reviewing the possibility of taking over the production of a series of GNR/LNER and LBSCR/SR 'Atlantic' 4-4-2s originally commissioned by Kemilway. However, before any arrangements could be agreed, a fire at the factory completely destroyed all the models except the Umber H1 pre-production prototype illustrated here, which was seriously fire damaged.

Following a customer survey in 2020 we decided to proceed with the Atlantic Project and we hoped to use the Kemilway drawings to restart work. Examining the drawings and checking photographs  we discovered there were substantially more errors than we expected. The biggest issue was the need to correct the running valances which had been fitted too far inboard of the  running plate edges. This compromised valve gear clearances, the cylinders and the slide-bar alignment. The Kemilway build construction would make it impossible to make accurate models (to our standards), especially in Scale7. 

However, we have now secured some key drawings from the NRM for the Southern H1 and H2 locomotives and we are now seeking similar drawings for the GNR/LNER locomotives to ensure that we make as production progresses are correct.

H1 Atlantic 1

A further problem has been the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on our existing projects. The Western diesel, the Halls and the 28XX/38XX locomotives are all running more than one year late.  We need to get these existing locomotives completed and shipped for delivery to customers before we start work in Korea on the Atlantics. So we are listing the necessary corrections and changes – plus the Masterpiece Models’ features such as split axles, insulated hornblocks, and insulated crankpins – as well as fitting a more advanced aerospace grade motor and a modified helical gearbox. When the builders are ready, we will arrange for the changes to be incorporated in new CAD drawings. The objective is to get production of the models under way as soon as possible with completion in early to mid 2022. 

In late 2020 we made an announcement in the O Gauge Guild Gazette for 80 models comprising 25 GNR/LNER small boiler and large boiler locomotives and 55 Southern H1 and H2s as below:

GNR/LNER Small Boiler Atlantics: 15 Models

GNR/LNER Large Boiler Atlantics: 10 Models

LBSCR H1 Atlantics: 25 models (10 umber, 15 SR olive green or BR plain black)

LBSCR H2 Atlantics: 30 models (8 umber, 7 SR olive green, 15 BR lined black)

We would also like to make a model of 32039 ‘Hartland Point’ in its modified form as the test bed for Bulleid’s ‘Leader’ class, but this is not yet confirmed. If this is possible we would make up to 5 models of this locomotive.H1 Atlantic 2

The additional work required to correct the models has increased our costs of production, so planned structure for payments now is:

Atlantic price table 2

We are taking £500 deposits, but not asking for further payments at this stage. Customers who already have made reservations and paid deposits will receive locomotives at the 2020 Gazette advertised prices £3,250 UK (£2,789 Overseas).

So if you are interested in an Atlantic and have not yet contacted us, please do so as production and choice is limited on this build as many locomotives have already been reserved. 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email us with your preferences after which we will contact you to confirm your reservation.

H1 tender

GNR 1433