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Standard Class 5 4-6-0 update 20 December 2016

The plan is to produce this locomotive after we have finished the ‘Western’ Diesel Hydraulic. We decided to bring this locomotive forward for production ahead of the BR Standard 9F 2-10-0 as it was a more logical build based on our previous ‘Clan’ and ‘Britannia’ pacific locomotives. There is substantial commonality on parts, especially on the chassis, and the wheels are virtually identical. Other chassis parts such as the cylinders, the front bogie and the valve gear components such as the piston rods, the slide bars and all of the motion except the rear trailing rods are the same from a model-making prospective. The tenders are broadly the same except on the BR1F high-sided version. 

The builder is ready to start making the detailed drawings and CAD models based on input already received from us and a substantial number of photographs that he took of a locomotive during his visit to the UK earlier in the summer. Our objective is to try to get the models substantially designed and critiqued into production in 2017 with deliveries of finished models in early 2018.

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