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5034 main

5034 Corfe Castle, the 22nd of the original Masterpiece Models ‘Castle’ build, is for sale at £3,000.

Originally commissioned by the late David Goddard of Beer, Devon and little used, this is one of the few original series ‘Castles’ fitted for DCC (as well as DC). The model is presented in as-built condition with twin shields on the tender. 5034 was shedded at Newton Abbot in this condition and was a frequent performer on West of England expresses; she was withdrawn in September 1962. The ruins of the actual Corfe Castle can be seen from Swanage Railway trains (it’s often used in their publicity). It was built in the 11th century as protection for the Isle of Purbeck and was demolished in 1645. The emotive ruins are now a Grade 1 listed monument owned by the National Trust and although Corfe Castle is primarily in Southern Railway territory, it was one of the early names used by the Great Western Railway for the 50XX series Castles.

Switchable DC/DCC with sound.


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