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First Pannier Tank pre-production sample

The first pre-production sample of the forthcoming Masterpiece Models GWR/BR Pannier Tank has been received from the builder. Portraying the 8750 series with the later style of cab and a number of detail differences, it's an absolute gem.

Apart from the incredible level of detail, it features working inside motion, a fully-fitted cab interior complete with the distinctive rear driving wheel springs, opening smokebox door with tubeplate and blast pipe, as well as split-axle pick-up through the hornblocks. Power is provided by a Faulhaber motor driving through a specially designed, fully enclosed gearbox. DCC sound is optional.

The model has already been circulated among our panel of experts who have picked up a few details for correction. A second pre-production model is now under construction, this time portraying the 57XX et seq series with the earlier style of cab.

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