VISIT TO POZNAN: My wife and I are visiting the city of Poznan in Poland all this week (21 to 26 May) so communication by telephone may not be possible. We will endeavour to receive and answer critical emails but I cannot guarantee that we will be able to answer all or any requests this week.

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The trains arriving at last...

Originally we had hoped to have production models of our 45XX/4575 Prairie tanks and 70XX ‘Castles’ available at Telford in September. When that proved impossible we were aiming for the Reading show in December, but even that was unachievable. The good news is that, at last, we expect to have production models at the Bristol 0 Gauge show on 22 January. The problem is that we are too pernickety. On multiple visits to Korea we have identified issues and revisions that we have insisted that the builder must carry out – nothing major but we are determined that these will be the best RTR models available.

45XX smokeboxJohn Borkowski is currently in Korea with the builder giving all the models a final check and he reports:“The models are beautifully executed, the quality of the bodies is superb and the painting is impressive with re-worked decals for all the emblems. Best of all, the brand new motor and gearbox, plus re-engineering of the chassis has made them fabulously smooth and powerful runners.”

Here’s a photograph of one of the small Prairies showing the opening smokebox door and interior detail. As with all Masterpiece Models there’s working inside motion too, typifying the levels of detail which are rare in ready-to-run models. You won’t have to take our word for it much longer. John will be bringing a number of production models back from Korea and hopefully we will have some actually for sale at Bristol. The bulk quantity of models will be air-freighted in mid-January and as soon as they have cleared customs we will commence delivery to customers.

If you have a 45XX or ‘Castle’ reserved and are hoping to collect it at the Bristol show, please check this website again in the days before. Delivery will depend on how many models John can carry with him and how long customs take to clear the rest. If your model doesn’t make it to Bristol we will ensure you get it within a week or two. Once again we apologise for the delay to your trains, but the wait will be worth it!

It’s also possible that we will have a surprise at Bristol…