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We have now fixed the total Hall Production Programme at a total of 66 locomotives made up of :
• 27 Collett 49XX Halls
• 8 Collett 59XX Halls
• 6 Collett 69XX Halls
• 15 Hawksworth Modified Halls.
At the date of preparation of this note we have 12 Collett Halls and 4 Modified Halls still available:
• 5 49XX, of which there are 3 GWR Green and 2 BR Lined Green
• 4 59XX• of which there are 3 BR Lined Green and 1 BR Lined Black
• 3 69XX, all of which can be BR Lined Green or GWR Green
• 4 6959 Modified Halls, of which there are 1 GWR Green and 3 BR Lined Green.

CLICK HERE to visit the dedicated Hall page and view the updated list of available engines. If you would like a particular locomotive to a given configuration we strongly recommend making a reservation as soon as possible, especially if you would like to make any changes. After the end of 2018 changes will become difficult or impossible.

John Borkowski
2 November 2018