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Updates on current and future production

Kettering Show 
It was with considerable regret that due to the bad weather (snow and black ice) we had to cancel our attendance at the Kettering Show. So apologies to all of you who attended and were unable to see us there.



In addition to the current production 57XX/8750 Panniers, ‘Granges’ and 47XX, we have been working on three new projects, the Class 52 Western Diesel, BR Standard Class 5 and the 6959 Modified ‘Hall’.

Class 52 Western Diesel Hydraulic
The original prototype model has returned to Korea for modifications and corrections. We went through the list of changes with the builders in detail to make sure that they understood all the changes that were required. We have asked them to build a second pre-production sample incorporating these changes which we hope to have available for the ALSRM Reading show in May.

BR Standard Class 5
As with the ‘Western’ we have been providing further information for the builders of the details of the Standard Class 5 – in both the Walschaert’s and the Caprotti valve gear versions. The designer has now produced detailed drawings of both types that have been sent to our experts for approval and commentary. We have passed on the experts’ comments to the builders to incorporate the necessary changes in the detailed drawing to prepare for the first pre-production sample model.

Modified ‘Hall’
We received a number of requests for the 6959 Modified ‘Hall’ and we have now passed some detailed information to the builders to draw up plans for this locomotive design. The last few Modified ‘Halls’ fitted with mechanical lubricators seem especially popular with you and we are very keen to offer the Modified ‘Hall’ as a variation on our ‘Hall’ build.

There are three options available to us to build the Modified ‘Hall’. First, we could incorporate the Modified ‘Hall’ into our existing Collett ‘Hall’ programme which would mean limiting the conventional Collett ‘Hall’ programme to 40 locomotives and building that last 20 as Modified ‘Halls’. If we carry out this programme, the current Collet ‘Hall’ build would be virtually sold out as we could accept very few additional orders for this type. The second option would be to increase the ‘Hall’ programme and offer 20 to 40 additional locomotives as Modified ‘Halls’. The third option would be to offer the Modified Hall as a separate programme which was our original intention.

To assist us in making the best decision we would like you to contact us as soon as possible if you would be interested in a Modified ‘Hall’. Please also tell us which option best suits your needs. If we select Options 1 or 2 the Modified ‘Hall’ would come out at the same time as the Collett ‘Hall’. If we go for Option 3 there would probably be a delay of at least two years before the Modified ‘Hall’ would enter production.


57XX/8750 Pannier Tanks
There has been a spate of reservations for pannier tanks over the last few weeks and although we have a large number of engines still available, the choice in some variations has become tight or non-existent. As regards the London Transport locomotives we are only making a total of 20 engines, of which 10 are Scale7 and are already sold out. We only have four LT 0 gauge engines left. Looking at the engines built by Kerr Stuart which had riveted tanks and the earlier style of cab, we have sold out of GWR-liveried examples and there are only a few BR-liveried engines left.

On 8750-series engines with the later style of cab, we have very few BR engines left with small whistle shields and not many BR engines available with top feed. Choice of GWR engines is still good. We have very few Scale 7 engines left. So if you want a Scale 7 version please do let us know as soon as possible as otherwise it may be too late. We did consider putting the availability on the website, but due to the large number of variations and options this is not a practical proposition. So if you would like a Pannier please contact us and we will do our best to provide a locomotive that best fits your specification.

The engines are now well into production and the only options we are a change of number and possibly the emblem as the configuration is now complete. We expect to receive the finished models in June.

68XX ‘Grange’
As with the Panniers, the 68XX are all also well into production and are now at the painting stage. The only option we now have is on BR versions for which we can offer a change of name and or tender. As well as BR lined green there are a few BR black and BR lined black locomotives still available. On the GWR version a change of name would now mean repainting the numbers on the buffer beam. We expect the locomotives to arrive in the UK in July. We have some GWR and BR engines still available. Please let us know if you would like to make a reservation. Scale 7 availability is still good.

47XX 2-8-0 Mixed Traffic Locomotive
Most of the engines have now been reserved but there are still some GWR plain green and some BR plain black and lined green engines available. The lined black BR engines (4702 only) have now all been sold. Scale 7 availability is still good. As with the ‘Grange’, 47XX variations are now very limited to change of numbers. The locomotives are now at the painting stage. We expect the locomotives to arrive in the UK in July.



70XX ‘Castles’
We still have a few ‘Castles’ left, including some in GWR and early BR livery. There are also some Scale 7 models available. Please enquire if you would be interested in a reservation.

45XX/4575 Prairie Tanks
As with the Castles we still have a few 45XX and 4575 locomotives left including a few in Scale 7. Please enquire if you would like to make a reservation.



28XX and 49XX ‘Hall’
These are scheduled to go into production as soon at the 68XX and 47XX are completed.

Class 52 Western Diesel Hydraulic
This is scheduled to go into production as soon as the Panniers are completed.

We are running behind on requests for payments! We will endeavour to catch up over the next few weeks.

John Borkowski
4 April 2018.