EUROPEAN DELIVERIES: Please note that John Borkowski will be away until 29 March delivering models in Europe in order to avoid possible post-Brexit surcharges. As a result enquiries may not be answered until the beginning of April but we will come back to you as soon as possible.

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'Granges', 47XX 2-8-0s and 57XX pannier well advanced in production

Our next beautiful models – the ever-popular GWR/BR 68XX ‘Granges’ and the 57XX/8750 pannier tanks have now passed the pre-production stage. The builders have been instructed on all the necessary changes and modifications and the locomotives are currently in production.

6853 1

68XX ‘Grange’ 4-6-0
Although we are only producing 60 ‘Granges’ – 48 as BR locomotives and only 12 GWR engines, thus reflecting the preferences expressed in orders received – the engines are available in all configurations. As the models have moved to production we have had to decide on names, numbers and details, but for a limited period we can still cater for almost all the possibilities: In addition to the standard ‘Grange’ chimney, many in later BR days were equipped with taller Improved Draughting (ID) chimneys, while the ‘Hall’ type chimneys were comparatively rare, but we can offer all these. You can see images of the chimneys HERE.

All four tender types used by the ‘Granges’ – Churchward 3,500 gallon, Collett 3,500 gallon, Collett 4,000 gallon and even the Hawksworth 4,000 gallon are available. Liveries are GWR Plain Green, BR Black, BR Lined Black and BR Lined Green. So if you would like to order a 68XX Grange, especially in ScaleSeven, please don’t leave it too long as your choice of engine will become much more limited as we move forward with the production.

47XX 1

47XX 2-8-0
We are making two basic versions of the 47XX, one in GWR configuration from 1930 until 1948 and the second covering the BR period. The standard offering is either the Churchward low sided 3,500 gallon tender or the high-sided Collett 4,000 gallon tender.

Both the 47XX and the ‘Grange’ will incorporate the new technology and improvements that we introduced with the 70XX ‘Castles’, such as split axles, horn-block pickups, as well as our superb new motor and fully enclosed gearbox with ball or roller bearings on all shafts. There will only be 60 models of the 47XX and a very large proportion has already been reserved, so if you want a particular configuration, please don’t leave it too late – once we have fixed the production we have very limited scope for changes.

57XX 457XX/8750 pannier tank
Building on the acclaim accorded to our super-detailed 45XX prairie tanks we are introducing a further innovation with the 57XX/8750 pannier tanks which will now have separately-designed chassis for finescale 0 gauge and ScaleSeven, to the exact correct width. Only 30 ScaleSeven models will be made, so if you want one you need to order it as soon as possible. The models will also have fully detailed cabs and smokeboxes, highly visible working valve gear with a double crank centre axle, split axles with hornblock pick-ups, together with a totally enclosed helical gearbox and a powerful coreless motor.

Production volumes are now fixed and we are producing 80 57XX engines with the earlier style of cab and fittings (including a few Kerr Stuart examples with riveted tanks), and 70 models of the 8750 engines with the later cabs and other differences. Also available are 20 London Transport 57XX panniers; we have gone to considerable lengths to ensure that the livery and detail differences for these engines will be correct.

Liveries for the main production will be GWR Green, GWR Black, BR Black and BR lined Black. With more than 800 possible running numbers across this class we are leaving number selection open as long as possible, but the deadline for choosing is 1 September, so don’t delay if you want to be sure of your favourite!

John Borkowski
11 July 2017