EUROPEAN DELIVERIES: Please note that John Borkowski will be away until 29 March delivering models in Europe in order to avoid possible post-Brexit surcharges. As a result enquiries may not be answered until the beginning of April but we will come back to you as soon as possible.

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47XX and 'Grange' into production, 'Castle' and Prairie deliveries

The top news this week is that we have now given the go-ahead for production of the 47XX 2-8-0 and 68XX ‘Grange’, and work has already started in Korea.

Back in the UK we are making excellent progress on the delivery of the 270 models (70XX ‘Castles’ and 45XX/4575 prairie tanks) recently arrived from Korea, but early deliveries suffered damage from very poor treatment at the hands of couriers and the Post Office, so we have taken the decision that wherever possible we will deliver the models personally, by hand. As you can imagine this is a massive task, but we are drawing up travel schedules to try to get the locomotives out as fast as possible. Although yet again we find ourselves apologising for delays as a result of this, we feel it is far better to ensure your model(s) arrives safely, than risk damage in transit. We hope you agree.

We were able to supply around 20 locomotives to customers at the ALSMR Reading Show last Saturday. We had asked customers to let us know in advance if they wished to collect their models at the show but not everybody did this, resulting in some disappointment. We are very happy to bring models to any show we are attending for collection in person, but we do need to know in advance so we can ensure we have the right models with us. Thank you very much all of you who came to our stand at Reading. I am sorry if you had to wait to speak with me as it was very busy.

For overseas deliveries we have designed and are making bespoke wooden boxes, which again should give the models ample protection from the ravages of transport.

Unavoidably I now have to be abroad for a few days, returning on 17 May. Although I hope to have internet access I cannot guarantee rapid replies to enquiries during that time, but you can contact my colleague Adrian Knowles by email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

John Borkowski