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Rebuilt LMS Patriots, Royal Scots and Jubilees


It's a while since we updated you on the Rebuilt 7P locomotives (Rebuilt 'Royal Scot', Rebuilt 'Patriot' and Rebuilt 'Jubilee') and we felt was time to tell you more about our progress behind the scenes on these attractive LMS/BR 4-6-0s.

Bob Meanley of the Tyseley Locomotive Works has very kindly sent us a huge amount of information on these locomotives, identifying the commonalities and differences between them, as well as with other LMS locomotives including Black 5s and the 'Princess Coronation' Pacifics. From this we have prepared a schedule of data to help our builder to prepare for production of these locomotives. The very good news is that the build can be expedited through use of components that we developed for the Coronation Pacifics. The locomotives will also incorporate all the technology we developed for the GWR engines plus further improvements that are now under way.

We are now actively planning for the production of these locomotives to follow on immediately after the last of our current GWR tender locomotives the 49XX Halls and the 28XX 2-8-0 freight locomotives.

We have had a very strong response to our questionnaire on the Rebuilt LMS 7P locomotives with numerous requests for unique or unusual engines, especially Rebuilt Royal Scot, Gordon Highlander and the rebuild of the experimental high pressure 'Fury' that became the unique 'British Legion'. We plan to make this engine both in LMS and BR configurations with the longer boiler and extended smokebox, with and without deflectors and variations on outside steam pipes. We also will make the two Rebuilt Jubilees 'Comet' and 'Phoenix', which also had the beautifully symmetric dual side window Stanier cab. Based on this feedback we have decided to launch all these locomotives and reservations are now possible in place of expressions of interest.

We plan to offer 10 models of 'British Legion' and 10 models of the Rebuilt Jubilees. Expressions of interest would cover most of this production. If demand increases we could offer more of these models, which we think are of special interest.'

At this stage we are unable to fix the final pricing, but we expect the cost to be in the order of £3,600 inc. UK VAT for all variants. As with the Standard Class 5 we will offer a discount of £100 for customers wishing to pay in full in advance and an increase of £100 for customers who only want to purchase locomotives after the production is complete.

Like the Standard Class 5 we plan also to offer ScaleSeven Superwheels for customers who want the ultimate locomotive. We also expect to be able to offer the ScaleSeven locomotives with wider more accurate width chassis. So if you would like to order a ScaleSeven locomotive there will not be the option to convert a conventional O gauge locomotive to meet your needs. To allow adequate production planning we have to fix the allocation of locomotives by sub-type and by gauge early in the programme after which no major changes will be possible. So if you require a special locomotive either in O gauge or ScaleSeven, please do not leave you reservation request too late in the programme. We have also now issued a reservation form that replaces the expression of interest. We will send notices out for the reservation fee £250 when the detailed work programme has been completed and final pricing has been set.

So please do come back to us via the form below, email, text, telephone, or simply write in detaling your interest in these locomotives. Please also tell us the particular period that interests you – LMS, early BR or late BR, and the scale standard (7mm Finescale or ScaleSeven) in which you would prefer a model.

All locomotives are fitted with switchable DC/DCC-sound.

These models are getting close to the start of production and with your input we can fine-tune the edition to ensure nobody is disappointed.

John Borkowski

Use this form to reserve your rebuilt LMS 7P 4-6-0
Completing this Reservation Form and submitting it to us will greatly assist us to set up the work programme for these locomotives. When we have finalised the pricing, we will contact you to request payment of the deposit or to confirm which payment structure you wish to follow.